Various scenarios for small scale ecommerce stores – Do’s and Don’ts

Various scenarios for small scale ecommerce stores - Do's and Don'ts 1

With retail stores closing their doors, stores had crates of goods, with no means of selling it. This pandemic gave a major hit to every store business.

Selling it online is something which requires ample of time, management and lots of other planning. It becomes very busy and it literally blow your mind.

Before this pandemic it would have been a very tidious job to start an online store but if you were planning to start an ecommerce store then now is the best time you can start as you can give your whole and sole into this. Due to this pandemic it has been a challenge to run the store, so starting a store on shopify will be a great option to begin with.

So today I’ll enlighten the rough do’s and don’ts for a small scale ecommerce stores irrespective of the platform

Do’s for ecommerce store

  • One shouldn’t rush on putting all services based on the reference website.
  • Your 1st aim should be putting your products on the platform before the people and start the marketing for your products.
  • Once you start the marketing and people are enquiring you about the products, then based on that you can work on various services like combo offers, loyalty, spin-a-wheel, etc.
  • At the start you should experience services one by one so that we come to know which services is getting people attracted to so that you can improve that service more at large scale.
  • All services at once can confuse the customers which is better for them. And using this strategy becomes more important for the starters because they need to know which service is actually working for their store.
  • Another reason will be the owner will get individual accurate sale report to them.
  • Release the services one by one to establish your store.
  • Interact with your customers regarding the services and the issues regarding the products /delivery/experience if any.
  • Work on them and inform concerned customers after fulfilling and implementing the suggestions.
  • Lastly have to be patience along the way.

Don’ts for ecommerce store

  • Stop comparing your store with the established store.
  • You need to understand that you are at the start and other one is an establish store. You will eventually be there at some point.
  • Other thing is that one shouldn’t provide your customers all services all at once, release it week by week to keep your customers excited.
  • Neglecting your customer’s suggestions if they provide you any.
  • And if for any reasons your strategy doesn’t work and sales doesn’t happen for that week don’t blindly introduce another strategy. Find the reason of the failure and proceed further.
  • Most important don’t loose patience during this pandemic. This phase will pass soon.

You should learn from this phase as it will teach you important lessons which will definitely help to cope up during bad times when your store doesn’t work as per your expectations and what you need to do when this kind of phase arrive again.

Hope this article help you with initial start of your store and guide you along the process.

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