Plugins – 8 Important Plugins useful for shopify store

Plugins - 8 Important Plugins useful for shopify store 1

So we are back again, I’m glad that you chose shopify as a platform for your store. Believe me guys shopify has open doors for many small scale ecommerce stores and introduced many services that can go hand in hand for Indian Stores.

In this blog I’ll enlighten you’ll with what all plugins you can integrate on the website.

List of Apps

  1. Subscription – Customers see a subscription option next to the Add to cart button on a specified product(s) page. The app will send them automatic recurrent invoices with payment options provided for your store by Shopify billing system.
  2. Social Login – One click login with Facebook, Google and many more
  3. Order Limits MinMaxify – Minimum and maximum limits on your cart, products and groups
  4. Smile – Loyalty/Rewards – Boost sales & retention with points, referrals, and pop ups
  5. Optimonk – Beautiful Exit Popups, Cart Recovery, Upsell & Email Popups
  6. Whatsapp-share – the name does all the explanation i.e. sharing through whatsapp.
  7. Product Reviews – The simplest way to share your customers’ experiences.
  8. Advance COD – Control how buyers use COD on your store (India only)

Hope this Comes in handy for which plugins to use on the store for the initial stage.

Will add more app list along the way.

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