Creating & modifying 1 or more automated collections

Automated Collections

Collections can be created in two different ways depending on the requirement and number of products. You can create up to 5,000 automated collections. Make a note that the collections here are referred to as categories.

As of latest updates a collection can have upto 60 conditions.

Create automated collections

Learn how to create and modify an automated collection through below video:

Collection Types

You can create two types of collections:

  • Automated Collection
  • Manual Collection

Below are the steps to create collection in a store.

  1. Login into your store.
  2. Go to Products > Collections > click on Create collections button on extreme top right
  3. Enter the collection name in Title section
  4. Put the the description in the description section ( if the description contains Html tags so click on ‘<>’ on right of description section )
  5. Then you have options of collection type ( select according to the requirement )
  6. if Manual  – > Select the Manual option and then save it – > you will get browse search bar where you can select which product you want to display on the listing page.
  7. if Automated – > Select the Automated option and then just below it you will get conditions that can be used to display certain products on the listing page. ( most common used condition is  ‘Product Tag’ )
  8. The Tag used in the condition must be included as tag in the particular Product on the store.
  9. Collection Availability – this controls where you want the product to be listed and shown. ( right side of the panel )
  10. Add the image of the collection which will be displayed on the listing page. ( right side of the panel )

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